Ultrasonic Welding of Metals - USMW


The ISF is carrying out fundamental research about the metal ultrasonic welding process, starting from the characterization of thermomechanical processes during the formation of the joint and the resulting joining mechanisms, over the effects of machine and component influences right to the improvement of the measuring and monitoring technique. Moreover, the subject of application-oriented further development of ultrasonic welding of metals for innovative materials, complex material combinations and design/construction are part of the research work. Most applications have the form of electro-technical systems, such as the joining of enameled wires in electro-motors, the packaging of battery cells and modules, strands and terminal applications in the h igh- and low-voltage onboard power supply, Al-Cu-dissimilar joints and micro-joints.



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Range of Services:

The ISF offers a wide range of services to partners from research and industry. The competences from most different research projects are contributing towards problem solutions.

  • Theoretical and application-oriented consulting in the field of ultrasonic welding of metals
  • Characterization of joining parts and joints
  • Weld seam tests within the framework of R & D
  • Process development and/or optimisation for unprecedented problems
  • Process and damage analyses
  • Support in the application for funds for the realisation of research projects