Capabilities of welding processes and their automation potential with a view to the year 2000

Dilthey, Ulrich (Author)

Cambridge / Published by the New Zealand Welding Committee for Abington (1996) [Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

Seventy selected papers from the 1996 IIW Asian Pacific Welding Congress : 4 - 9 February 1996, Auckland, New Zealand ; [incorporating the 58th NZIW annual conference and the WTIA 43rd National Welding Congress] / IIW-IIS, New Zealand Welding Committee. Ed. by Wolfgang Scholz. National Welding Congress <43, 1996, Auckland>. International Institute of Welding. New Zealand Institute of Welding <Wellington>. Welding Technology Institute of Australia. IIW Asian Pacific Welding Congress ; (Auckland) : 1996.02.04-09. NZIW (New Zealand Institute of Welding) Annual Conference ; 58 (Auckland) : 1996.02.04-09. WTIA (Welding Technology Institute of Australia) National Welding Congress ; 43 (Auckland) : 1996.02.04-09