Adhesive Bonding



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The ISF department “Adhesive Bonding” is working on innovative adhesive bonding and related joining methods. Here, the focus is on the research of the entire adhesive process chain, from the aspects of design and construction, surface pre-treatment with the integrability into fully automatic production processes, the actual joining process, the repair concepts for adhesively bonded joints and structures made of fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) and of the Structural Health Monitoring of those. The application fields of the researched technologies are, for example, in general mechanical engineering, in automotive engineering and rail vehicle manufacturing, in the aircraft and aerospace industry, in civil engineering and in human and veterinary medicine.


  • Design and construction of adhesively bonded joints
  • Parameter determination of adhesively bonded joints, also under ageing influences
  • Laser beam surface pre-treatment of fibre-reinforced plastics as a preparation for adhesive bonding
  • Hybrid joints of fibre-reinforced plastics and pin structurised metals
  • Repair concepts for vehicles made of fibre-reinforced plastics
  • Structural Health Monitoring systems for adhesively bonded joints
  • Thermal direct joining with induction and conductive resistance heating
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