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Fundamentals of Joining

Joining technology is one of the key technologies in production technology, regardless wether on a manual or industrial scale. Hardly any product can do without them. The book “Fundamentals of joining technology – welding, brazing and adhesive bonding” offers an introduction to this technology.

Together with its supplementary exercises, the lecture aims to teach students the basics of material-locking joining technology. It is divided into two parts:

The first part of the lecture teaches the material basics (dealt with more intensively in the lecture “Joining Technology II”) in the welding processing of steel as well as basic knowledge about welding processes commonly used in trade and industry, such as arc, beam and resistance welding processes, in their basic variants and mechanical joining. Derived from the functional principles, possible applications and limits are explained. This part of the lecture is completed by recommendations on welding and process-compatible design (intensively dealt with in the lecture series "Joining Technology III") as well as on the necessary occupational safety.

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This is to enable students to select suitable joining processes for common joining tasks. Furthermore, they will be familiar with the material and design conditions necessary for their process-safe use as well as the necessary occupational safety measures.

This basic knowledge is extended in the second part of the lecture. Variants of the welding processes learned in the first part are presented which, as improvements of the original versions, extend their fields of application or are more economical. Mechanization and automation concepts for integrating welding technology into industrial production will also be taught. Special welding techniques optimized for the highly effective fulfillment of specialized joining tasks as well as soldering and bonding complete the list of methods presented in the lecture series. Upon completion, the students now know the industrially relevant material-locking joining methods and can apply them for a joining task and its use. They also know the basic behaviour of steel during welding and hava a basic knowledge of the design of welded constructions.


Lecture and Exercise SS 2021


Time: 15. April 2021 until presumably 22. July 2021, Thursday, 12:30 - 14:00 Uhr
Lecture Hall: RWTHMoodle
Please note that currently no personal lectures will take place.


Time: 16. April 2020 until presumably 23. July 2021, Wednesday, 16:30 - 18:00 Uhr
Lecture Hall: RWTHMoodle
Please note that currently no personal exercises will take place.

Digital Education:

Due to the current situation the ISF provides digital lectures and exercises. The video material will be provided in the corresponding RWTHmoodle platform. In addition the usual documents for the lectures and exercises will be provided as well.

Until further notice all lectures and exercises will only be provided online. More information will be provided in due course.


The examination in Welding and Joining is for Summer Semester 2021 are yet to be defined. The exam will take place on the 29.09.2021. If the university-wide regulations allow it, the exam will take place in presence. It will be conducted according to the given regulations (tested, recovered, vaccinated - known as the 3G rules).

Lecture and corresponding exercise are relevant for the exams!

A registration via RWTHonline is mandatory


Schedule of Lectures Summersemester 2021

-only online-

Date Subject Lecturer

Introduction, Metallurgical Basics

Dr. Stein

Fusion Welding and Gas Welding

Dr. Stein

Arc Welding I

Dr. Stein

Arc Welding II

Dr. Stein
13.05.2021 ---Holiday--- ---

Beam Welding I

Dr. Stein

27.05.2021 ---Excursion Week---


03.06.2021 ---Holiday--- ---
10.06.2021 Resistance Welding I and Mechanical Joining Dr. Stein
17.06.2021 Arc Welding III Dr. Stein
24.06.2021 Mechanisation und Automation Dr. Stein
01.07.2021 Beam Welding II Dr. Stein
08.07.2021 Resistance Welding II and Adhesive Bonding Dr. Stein
15.07.2021 Special Processes I Dr. Stein
22.07.2021 Special Processes II and Brazing Dr. Stein

Schedule of Exercises Summersemester 2021

-only online-

Date Subject Lecturer Substitute
16.04.2021 Introduction, Metallurgical Basics Mäde Christ
23.04.2021 Fusion Welding and Gas Welding Oster Ebert
30.04.2021 Arc Welding I Parmar Biber
07.05.2021 Arc Welding II Emadmostoufi Österreich
14.05.2021 --- --- ---
21.05.2021 Beam Welding I Akyel Evers
28.05.2021 ---Excursion Week--- --- ---
04.06.2021 --- --- ---
11.06.2021 Resistance Welding I and Mechanical Joining Rabe Epperlein
18.06.2021 Arc Welding III Mann Oster
25.06.2021 Mechanisation and Automation Österreich Biber
02.07.2021 Beam Welding II Senger Frey
09.07.2021 Resistance Welding II and Adhesive Bonding Weiland Bamberg
16.07.2021 Special Processes I Rabe Müller
23.07.2021 Special Processes II and Brazing Müller Rabe