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June '23


The "Freundeskreis des Instituts für Schweißtechnik e.V." and the Welding and Joining Institute, ISF, are the editors of the semi-annual magazine "ISF-Direkt" where research fields of the ISF are presented in more detail. The magazine contains, moreover, information about doctorates, events and conferences, academic policy – in short, everything whichis of concern for the ISF.


Freundeskreis des Instituts für Schweißtechnik e.V., ISF Aachen

Editorial Staff:

Peter Dewald, M.Sc


Further Editions:

ISF Direkt 66, December '22:

  • Direction-independent laser GMAW hybrid welding with ring focus and coaxial wire feeding for joint welding and additive manufacturing
  • Welding process-dependent control of the extraction power when using a torch-integrated extraction system for GMAW welding

ISF Direkt 65, April '22:

  • Single-sided Resistance Element Welding (SREW) for joining of steel and non-ferrous materials
  • Predictive Quality Monitoring in Ultrasonic Metal Welding

ISF Direkt 64, December '21:

  • Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) - An alternative numerical method for mass and heat transfer for the welding process simulation
  • Development of a process model for friction stir welding (FSW) to avoid cavity-shaped discontinuities

ISF Direkt 63, April '21:

  • Thermal Direct Joining: Ageing Behaviour and Usage Properties of Metal-Plastic Joints
  • Process Monitoring and Control of Adhesive Bonding Prepara-tion of PUR- and Thermoplastic-Based, Fibre-Reinforced Plastics by Lasers

ISF Direkt 62, December '20:

  • Surface structuring by Surfi-Sculpt process on a microscale level to improve osseointegration behaviour
  • Temporally and locally controlled temperature fields during material processing with electron and laser beams

ISF Direkt 61, June '20:

  • Hydrogen-induced damage during welding of high-strength
    structural steels
  • Industrial-scale manufacture of FRP/metal hybrid components
    by integration of weldable insert structures

ISF Direkt 60, December '19:

  • Plasma-GMA-Hybrid Welding of Aluminium Materials
  • Resistance projection welding of Al-Cu joints for use in current-carrying components

ISF Direkt 59, April '19:

  • Analysis of the current path in gas metal arc welding process
  • Physical real-time welding process simulation for virtual reality supported welder training systems

ISF Direkt 58, November '18:

  • Applied image sensor technology in process monitoring and automation during arc welding
  • Ultrasonic metal welding of three-dimensional current collectors for the production of innovative lithium-ion battery cells

ISF Direkt 57, April '18:

  • Influence of variations of the cathode propertieson the beam quality and the welding resultsin electron beam welding
  • Inductive post-weld heat treatment of wet
    underwater welded high-strength fine-grained structural steels

ISF Direkt 56, November '17:

  • Laser beam submerged arc hybrid welding – the innovative method for welding thick plates
  • Improving the efficiency of submerged arc welding by plasma support

ISF Direkt 55, April '17:

  • Single-sided resistance spot welding as a welding alternative for light steel structures in vehicles
  • Approaches towards emission minimisation in pulsed arc welding

ISF Direkt 54, November '16:

  • Material combination of continuous fibre-reinforced plastics and metal with integrated sensor monitoring
  • Investigation of the load-carrying behaviour of filigree pin structures for steel-concrete composite construction

ISF Direkt 53, Mai '16:

  • Laser beam welding of copper and copper alloys on plates with a thickness of more than 3 mm under reduced ambient pressure
  • Influence of the storage conditions of aluminium wire electrodes on the pore formation in gas metal arc welding

ISF Direkt 52, November '15

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