Elektromobilitätslabor eLab


To an ever increasing degree, the trend in individual mobility is moving towards emission-free mobility. For the automotive industry, the total electrification of the power train is in the foreground of the developmental work. In the Elektromobilitätslabor,eLab, new drive concepts for electric vehicles are researched under consideration of their suitability for series production techniques. The Elektromobilitätslabor provides the industry with the infrastructure required for successful research and development. This includes, among other things, the provision of testing and production technologies as well as office and workshop space. It is possible to produce all important components of the electrified power train, from the high-voltage battery right to the electro-motor.

For the further development of the required components for electromobility, the joining technology is, in particular, a key technology which has a crucial role for success, be it in the development of innovative vehicle concepts, the use of new materials and novel material combinations or in the development of components as, for example, for new electro-chemical storage systems. The firmly bonded joining of the conductor materials Al and Cu and of their alloys is often a core element. Within the scope of the Elektromobilitätslabor (eLab), therefore different joining technologies, such as ultrasonic-, micro-plasma, electron beam or laser beam welding are tested for different applications.

Within the framework of the Elektromobilitätslabor (eLab), the ISF is working on innovative approaches for the establishment and further development of joining techniques for modern materials in automotive applications. This way, joining solutions for different materials and boundary conditions are acquired without being bound to special technologies. Particularly in the field of sophisticated small-part and micro-part joining, for example for joining tasks in the field of battery technology, the distinctive competence of the ISF shows its positive effects.