Aluminium Engineering Center Aachen


General Information

The “aluminium engineering center“, aec, has been founded in the year 2003 and is a registered non-profit association which comprises the following eight institutes of the RWTH Aachen University:

  • Department and Chair of Physical Metallurgy and Metal Physics, IMM
  • Welding and Joining Institute, ISF
  • Chair for Comprehensive Foundry Science and Foundry Institute, GI
  • Surface Engineering Institute, IOT
  • Institute of Metal Forming, IBF
  • Institute for Automotive Engineering, IKA
  • Institute for Steel and Light Metal Construction, SBT
  • Institute for Process Metallurgy and Metal Recycling, IME

Main Subjects of aec

The main subjects of the aec are the promotion of the aluminium-related

  • education and advanced training,
  • interdisciplinary research and development,
  • advanced engineering und product design,
  • presentation and communication of material potentials.

The organisation and accomplishment of interdisciplinary research and development projects which are sponsored either publicly or by the aluminium industry and their customers is the main subject of the aec. Dependent on the main topic within a research project, one of the institutes is assigned the managerial function and provides the project leader. The settlement of the projects is carried out in the institutes which provide staff and equipment. The aec serves as a contact partner and will be seeking projects from the field of aluminium where two or more institutes and ordering parties from the industry are participating.

ISF in the aec

The task of the ISF is to deal with joining problems from the field of aluminium in collaboration with the participating partners.


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