Centre of Excellence in Joining Technologies


Jülich – Aachen Research Alliance

Objectives the FEZ

The joining technology is a key technology which exerts decisive influence on the development and production of almost all technical products. Many technical problems are only solvable by applying innovative solutions from the field of joining. There are numerous examples, particularly in the fields of automotive industry, aircraft and aerospace industry, in shipbuilding, in power engineering and also in the design of top-level research equipment.

The restricted expert knowledge of some institutions which have been working on a problem has, however, resulted in only suboptimal solutions for production-related practical applications. This situation is symptomatic since human resources and the available scientific equipment are often not sufficient for covering the entire range of joining technology.

The joint utilisation of human and technical resources of the ZAT/Jülich Research Centre and of the ISF of the RWTH Aachen University, comprehensive expert knowledge in joining has been bundled, a concentration of knowledge which is unique throughout Europe. This is of great benefit for the industrial region of North Rhine Westphalia and also for global competition in engineering research, since the competence pool is clearly becoming the main access point for problems from the industry and is, therefore, also the ideal research partner.


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