Beam Welding



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Electron beam welding, in short: EBW, and laser beam welding, in short: LBW, are equally subject of research and further development in the ISF. These processes include also the two process variations EBW in atmosphere, short: NV EBW, and LBW in vacuum, in short: LaVa. Another field of activity is surface structuring with the electron beam.

In the field of electron beam welding, the core subjects are particularly the behaviour of materials in beam welding and the process sensor systems; here, above all, the further development of the beam measurement system Diabeam must be mentioned.

In the field of laser beam welding, the focus is on laser beam welding in vacuum, LaVa, and also on the laser arc hybrid methods. Laser beam submerged arc hybrid welding is a special method which has been developed in the ISF and for which RWTH Aachen University has filed a patent application.

The beam welding department provides of 8 laser beam generators and of 6 electron beam welding machines.


Moreover, several processing stations for thick plates and sheet processing and 3 vacuum plants for laser beam welding in reduced ambient pressure as well as a laser GMA hybrid robot welding machine are available.

  Universal chamber equipment for laser beam welding in vacuum Universal chamber equipment for laser beam welding in vacuum, Focus LaVa L-95

Focus LaVa L-95

  • Precitec welding optics
  • Coaxial camera
  • Scan tracker
  • Aspect ratio 3:2 and 2:1

Focus vacuum chamber

  • Chamber volume: 95 l
  • x-y-table
  • Rotation axis
  • Z-axis (Focus setting)

Pressure range 0,05 hPa – 10 hPa

Modification of the equipment for the pressure range 10 hPa – 100 hPa in progress